Hi. I'm Shubham Kumar.

A high school software developer. I program ,  and other interesting things.

 About Me

I am a software developer and open source enthusiast. Less importantly, I'm currently a sophomore at DVHS and the co-founder of Tech San Ramon. I love learning about the various applications of computer science, and areas of particular interest for me are data science, computer vision, and autonomy in robotics. If you’re very lucky, you can find me off of my computer either biking or shredding. 

  •     where gradients descend. San Ramon.
  •   Dougherty Valley High School '22


Python & Deep Learning Frameworks


HTML, CSS, Javascript


C, C++


Personal Projects

In my free time, I enjoy working on computer science projects. I see it as a way to harness my creativity through an impactful medium.

Tech San Ramon   

Non-Profit organization founded to edify the new generation of basic computer science skills. 1000+ students.

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Intelligent Drone

An autonomous drone system for various applications ranging from agriculture to drone delivery. Research ongoing.

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Brain Wave Analysis

Ensemble of finely tuned sensors and algorithms to harness the full power of our brains. 


Application for crop management using machine intelligence. Project backed by Venture Capital fund.


Latest Blog Posts

Read more about my projects and initiatives. Feel free to reach out with new ideas and advice. I'm always open to feedback.

Computer Science for Kids

Growing up, computer science was always portrayed as an esoteric subject by all of my educators. Despite the discouraging words, I decided to embark on my learning journey in the field and found that with the right way of teaching, fundamentals of computer science can be effectively conveyed to even elmentary school students.

Gentle Intro to Neural Networks

Neural networks are nothing more than a nested function. For some reason, scientists have chosen to convolute this connectionist system with complicated notation and frankly terrifying diagrams. With the right explanation, anyone can understand the intricate inner workings of this powerful algorithm. 

The Drone Building Process

Drones have demonstrated undeniable potential in recent years through a multitude of applications ranging from search & rescue to delivery to surveillance. UAVs have shown to be among the most apparent uses of CV algorithms. I have documented my build process so innovators can focus on what’s really important.

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